Amy - HANE apprentice

Exploring Career Paths: From Apprenticeship to Hospitality Management

Hospitality apprenticeship North East offers a unique and rewarding entry point into a dynamic industry. For school leavers in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, HANE provides a pathway to exciting and diverse career opportunities. One of the most compelling aspects of a hospitality apprenticeship is the potential for rapid career advancement. Here’s a closer look at how an apprenticeship can pave the way from entry-level positions to management roles within the hospitality sector.

Starting with a Strong Foundation
Every successful career in hospitality starts with a solid foundation. HANE provides this by combining hands-on experience with structured learning. Apprentices begin their journey in entry-level roles in a series of four rotations. This career phase is crucial as it allows them to understand the fundamentals of the industry, develop essential skills, and gain valuable insights into day-to-day operations.

Gaining Expertise through Specialised Training
The combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge equips apprentices with a comprehensive skill set that is highly valued by employers.

Opportunities for Early Advancement
One of the key advantages of HANE is the opportunity for early career advancement. Hard work and dedication are often quickly recognised and rewarded. Apprentices who demonstrate strong performance and leadership potential can move into supervisory roles within a relatively short period.
For example, Rosa Jackson, a HANE graduate who completed her apprenticeship at Leonardo Hotels in Aberdeen is now a cluster sales executive covering the three Leonardo Hotels in Aberdeen and Inverness.
Her colleague Hannah Kerridge – our first ever HANE graduate – is now a duty manager at Leonardos after completing her apprenticeship in 2022.

Building a Professional Network
Throughout their apprenticeship, individuals have the chance to build a robust professional network. Working closely with experienced professionals, mentors, and peers opens doors to new opportunities and provides invaluable industry insights. Networking can lead to job offers, mentorship opportunities, and professional development resources, all of which are crucial for career growth.
Both Rosa and Hannah tell us that they also value the network of fellow apprentices which HANE encourages – giving them an ongoing sounding board for their own challenges and opportunities.

Transitioning to Management Roles
With experience and a solid reputation, apprentices hip graduates can transition into management roles. This might involve managing a team, overseeing operations, or taking charge of specific departments within a hospitality establishment. For instance, a former apprentice might become a restaurant manager – , responsible for everything from staffing and training to financial management and customer service.

Continuing Education and Professional Development
The hospitality industry values continuous learning and professional development. Many employers support further education, such as advanced diplomas, certification related to hospitality management. These qualifications can enhance an individual’s expertise and open up higher-level management positions. Apprentices and graduates are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to further their careers.

A hospitality apprenticeship is more than just a job; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling and prosperous career. From entry-level roles to management positions, the journey is marked by continuous learning, professional growth, and exciting opportunities. For school leavers in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, choosing a HANE apprenticeship can be the first step towards a successful career in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.