Sustainability within the hospitality industry is a priority for all our partners. And as our apprentices will be the next generation leaders and innovators, we aim to inspire them to continue to set the green standard.

From reducing kitchen waste, using alternatives to throw-a-way plastic, and sourcing local produce to minimising energy use, our hotel partners are engaging with innovative and practical ways to become more sustainable.

Here are just a few of the ways we are making a positive environmental impact:

The Chester Hotel has incorporated some simple but effective planet-friendly changes in the day-to-day running of their hotel. These include only using wholly compostable coffee pods in their guest rooms and introducing recycled uniforms in many of their departments.

Building on the concept of sourcing local produce, Douneside Hotel is using its extensive gardens to grow its own ingredients for the hotel kitchen and restaurant. Their seasonal harvests of organic vegetables, salads, herbs, and fruit now provides guests with the ultimate ‘garden to table’ experience!

Banchory Lodge has formed its own in-house Green Team to ensure the hotel minimises waste, conserves its natural resources, and protects the environment.

Meanwhile, Meldrum House has turned up its business dial on energy conservation, with its own biomass wood pellet system generating all the hotel’s hot water and heating.  And, as well as actively reducing water usage, they only use recycled rainwater on the hotel’s grounds.

Electric car charging points, ceramic pots instead of throw-away bathroom toiletries, and in-room recycling, Maryculter House  has already gained a silver status with the Green Tourism Business scheme. They are continuing to take it further by aiming to reduce their electricity/water use and food waste by 5-10% a year.