Morgan Ritchie - Banchory Lodge

Twenty-year-old Morgan was on a path to university when she heard about Hospitality Apprenticeship North East. Switching to a hospitality apprenticeship was, she says, the best decision.

Thanks to her time at Banchory Lodge, Morgan is now looking forward to a rewarding career in hospitality and a whole world of adventure.

Here’s Morgan’s story:

“I have always loved travel, seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. So, when I started to think about a career, hospitality was always my first choice. My goal is to eventually work as a stewardess on a private yacht, enabling me to travel and see the world.

After my Highers, I applied to Aberdeen University to study international tourism. But it was while I was doing some additional research about career options that I came across Hospitality Apprenticeship North East. It made me realise that physical experience would be better than book learning alone, and with a Hospitality Apprenticeship North East apprenticeship, I would get the best of both worlds.

I started working at Banchory Lodge in August 2021 and began the apprenticeship in October. From the start, everyone has been so friendly and supportive, and I feel part of the team.

So far, I have spent time in food and beverage, housekeeping, and the kitchen. These rotations give me real insight into all the departments and the hotel’s running. But I most enjoy being front of house where I can interact with guests.


During my time at Banchory Lodge, I have also had the opportunity to manage some weddings, from start to finish, which felt amazing to do. It was a real responsibility, and I am proud of what I achieved. But it is not all work as with Hospitality Apprenticeship North East, you get the chance to learn new things, thanks to the Learning Bite sessions. The one I really enjoyed was the whisky tour. I learned so much and gained knowledge I could use straight away in the hotel bar.

I finish my apprenticeship in March 2023 and hope to continue at Banchory Lodge and gain more experience. That is the beauty of the hospitality sector – there are always opportunities to set goals, push yourself, and move on up.  I still hope to realise my dream of working on yachts and travel, but hospitality is my career for life, and I eventually want to move into management.

For anyone considering hospitality as a career, then I would 100% say ‘go for it’. And I can vouch for the apprenticeship route, as it is the perfect way to get real-life sector experience while learning.”