Ailsa Walker - Banchory Lodge Hotel

Ailsa Walker (18) graduated from Hospitality Apprenticeship North East in May 2024 year and is currently a bar tender at Banchory Lodge Hotel.

Here’s Alisa’s story:

“I left school at 16 and started at Banchory Lodge in October. I had live-in accommodation with my apprenticeship as it was a two-hour bus ride for me to get to work. My mum and dad helped me a lot by keeping me in touch with what was happening at home on the farm and sending photos of my dog.

“However, because I was earning as I was learning, I was able to save enough money to buy a car and move back home. My advice to someone just leaving school and is thinking about any kind of apprenticeship is just go for it. It’s a big leap but it’s so worth it for the amount of friends, experiences and confidence you gain – it’s an amazing experience like no other.”

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Ailsa' Graduation